Flora – The Clumsy Hand

Be happy while you're living, for you're a long time dead.


Flora – Wifi & Chill

Home is where the WiFi connects automatically. 

Idiotism – Love Me Cat Paw

Cats leave paw prints in your heart, always and forever.

Isolation – Island Hopping

Smell the Sea and Feel The Sky, Let Your Soul And Spirit Fly. - Van Morrison

Isolation – Sailing

If we ever get lost on our way, The waves would guide you through another day

Name Embroidery – Celine

Strength is what we gain from the madness we survive. 

Name Embroidery – Dodo

Life is the flower for which love is the honey.

Name Embroidery – Loh

When we have each other, we have everything. 

Picasso – Bust of a Woman 1944

Bust of a woman painted by Picasso portrays the photographer Dora Maar aka Picasso's Lover. It was painted on May 1944.

Picasso – Nude, Green Leaves and Bust

Nude, Green Leaves and Bust is one of a series of portraits that Picasso painted of his mistress and muse Marie-Thérèse Walter from 1932.

Red – Deep Sea Monster

Keep hiding in the dark, the monster will still find you.

Red – Frida Kahlo

Passion is the bridge that takes you from pain to change.

Red – Love Circle

It's the greatest thing in life to have meet the ONE.

Road Trip – Grey Cliff

The Beauty of Nature Is Best Known In Waves of Silence And Stillness.

Road Trip – Pink Forest

Some Paths Can't Be Discovered Without Getting Lost.

Theatre – Pulp Fiction

“Besides, isn’t it more exciting when you don’t have permission?” -Mia Wallace

Theatre – Spirited Away

Cherish every moment with those you love at every stage of your journey.

Theatre – West World

We humans are alone in this world for a reason. We murdered and butchered anything that challenged our primacy.

Uninhabited – Flying Kite

May your dreams defy the laws of gravity.

Zodiac – Gemini In The Garden

If something's not a challenge, there's no point doing it.

Zodiac – Pisces Under The Sea

A Pisces can go from caring deeply to being very detached eaisly, fish are skittish. 

Zodiac – Sagittarius the bell flower

Don't pray for an easy life, Pray for the strength to endure the difficult one. 

Zodiac Signs – Aquarius

You can tell them anything, and they'll understand. They are utterly honest and trustworthy. 

Zodiac Signs – Aries

Aries becomes heartless with whoever breaks their heart. 

Zodiac Signs – Cancer

The vibe their give you is the vibe they received from you. 

Zodiac Signs – Capricorn

Look up at the star and not down at your feet, Be curious. 

Zodiac Signs – Leo

Don't ever mistake my silence for ignorance, my calmness for acceptance or my kindness for a weakness.

Zodiac Signs – Libra

It takes more than good look to get a Libra.

Zodiac Signs – Pisces

Pisces understand everybody and everything, except themselves. 

Zodiac Signs – Sagittarius

They wouldn't give up without one hell of a fight.

Zodiac Signs – Scorpio

Hating people takes too much energy, i just pretend they're dead. 

Zodiac Signs – Taurus

If Taurus show you their vulnerability, they trust you. 

Zodiac Signs – Virgo

In a field of roses, she is a wildflower. 

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Flora – The Clumsy Hand

Be happy while you're living, for you're a long time dead.


Flora – Wifi & Chill

Home is where the WiFi connects automatically.